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YouTube Pro: Complete Step-by-Step Guide To Make Kids A Youtube Star


About This Course

The perfect course to help young kids start a YouTube channel, get views and subscribers, build a reputable brand and make money on the platform!

YouTube is the most popular digital platform for insightful and helpful video content. It has been termed a university by many as it gives access to millions of resources.

YouTubers get paid for showing ads, and many have achieved fame through Youtube. This course teaches your child how to navigate the app, create accounts, upload quality video content, build followership, manage revenues and abide by YouTube guidelines.

This course will empower them to have an audio-visual medium where they share their stories and ideas with people and get paid for it.


Learning Objectives

Create and maintain a Youtube channel.
Produce and upload high-quality video content on the platform.
Optimize videos with solid titles, tags, and descriptions.
Learn the rudiments of having a successful Youtube account.
Monetize a Youtube channel.

Target Audience

  • 11-13

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