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Financial Literacy: The Money-Smart Kids Guide


About This Course

Educating your child on financial literacy and how to make excellent choices at earning, spending, investing, and saving.

A healthy financial attitude needs to be taught from a tender age. This course surrounds itself with enlightening your child on the importance of financial awareness.

It’ll look at savings habits, expenditure, and management and also imbibe in them a strong understanding of monetary terms and the recent blend with tech and finance, including NFTs and the crypto market, and other alternative sources of income.

Learning Objectives

Understand the basics of money
Learn about the value of money and how to earn it as a child.
Master the act of budgeting, saving, investing, and saving.
Learn how to save money to achieve a goal.
Master the concepts of being an entrepreneur that makes money.
Differentiate between wants, needs, assets, and liabilities.
Understand tech trends in finance and crypto trading.

Target Audience

  • 11-13

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