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Augmented Reality, Design, and Animation: Excellent Guide to 3D Animation in Maya


About This Course

Introduce your kids to animation concepts at an early age. They will learn how to create animations with ease!

Children love cartoons and animations. They spend hours immersed in the TV, watching these animations sing and dance.

This course takes their love for cartoons to another level by providing a medium to express their inner artistic skills and share their brilliant ideas and thoughts.

It gives them an understanding of their screen characters and also equips them with technical skills which keep them at the forefront of the necessary digital skills.

They will develop an understanding of the storytelling and character animation process with the industry-standard 3D software Autodesk Maya. They will be able to bring characters to life using lighting, settings, and camera angles.

There’s also the added advantage of thinking outside the box and using more of their imagination.


Learning Objectives

Become familiar with using Autodesk Maya
Learn to use design tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
Develop animation under either motion animation or illustration.

Target Audience

  • 11-13

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