The Best Place To Pivot Your Children Into Tech

The fun way to learn and develop problem-solving & critical thinking skills! Ages 5-20

Our curriculum is designed in collaboration with leading innovators, pedagogy experts, and tech companies.

Learn Tech Skills

Our younger generation needs tech-savvy skills to thrive in today’s world, and the sooner they learn them, the better!.

Earn Certificates And

Earning a certificate increases your child’s chances of getting hired by high-tech recruiters and earning a higher salary.

Get Ready for The Careers of The Future

These skills will enable your kids to attain their maximum potential in schools, colleges, their chosen dream, and their private life.

Great Price Plan for You!


  • Course included: 1
  • Individual Course
  • Full Access to Single Course
  • Try for free, forever


  • Course included: 3
  • Individual Course
  • Full Access to Single Course
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  • Course included: 1
  • Individual Course
  • Full Access to Single Course
  • Learned, Record

What Sets EarlyBrite Apart?

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Learner-Centered Approach

To help your kids gain valuable 21st-century skills successfully, we allow them to take the driver's seat in the classroom, observe what they are interested in and teach them how to put it to use.

Interactive Learning Environment

Our classes are focused less on reciting facts and more on having in-depth conversations, practicing critical thinking, and asking open-ended questions that spark your kid's creativity skills.
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Expert Instructors

We have skilled instructors who take a more holistic approach to organizing and applying content knowledge. They employ more tactics, foresee student errors, and adapt to student feedback effectively.

Become An Instructor

Do what you love while solving the toughest challenges of today's educational system.

Integrate EdTech Solutions in Your School

Incorporate new technologies and tools into your classrooms to shape the future of education and address the ongoing problem of skills shortages.

What Parents Say About EarlyBrite

Interactive Class

Fantastic class. It made me nostalgic, taking me back to my spinning such magical stories..This was only possible because of the clear direction given by the teacher. I am keen on signing up matilda for more classes on Earlybrite.
Umar, Parent of a 8 year old

Top Notch

Earlybrite helped my child build his personality.... He enjoyed the classes so much that at one point if he refused to listen to us, we'd tell him that we wouldn't let him attend Earlybrite classes & immediately he would change his behavior
Jane, Parent of a 7 year old

Growth Platform

It's great to see the kids grow confident, being able to speak out and learn to recite from memory, the manner of articulation, the gestures, the flow of speech, it was great to see the kids showcase their learnings with so much confidence
Ibrahim, Parent of a 7 year old

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